Reduce forklift incidents with LoposAlert

LoposAlert is a 360-degree collision warning system based on ultra-wideband that reduces forklift incidents. Gather actionable insights in your customizable online dashboard.

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    Works on every forklift

    LoposAlert can be installed on and used by all types and brands of forklifts.

    Easy installation

    Our device is installed in less than two hours for a true plug-and-play experience.


    Configure the sound of alerts, lights and distance based on your safety policies.

    360-degree vision

    Never worry about blind spots. Even if you’re behind a forklift, we’ve got you with the 360-degree vision of our technology.

    What can you use LoposAlert for?

    Forklift to person

    Forklift to workers alerts

    Keep employees safe with light, sound and vibration alerts when forklifts come too close.

    Forklift to forklift

    Forklift to forklift alerts

    Keep forklifts from crashing into each other. Light and sounds alerts them when two or more vehicles get too close.

    Other vehicles and equipment

    Other vehicles and equipment

    Do you use other material handling equipment? We’ve got you covered. LoposAlert can be use on may different types of equipment and is suited for all industries.

    More than just a collision warning system

    Image showing how the speed control works on LoposAlert

    Speed control

    Use our technology to slow down your equipment in dangerous situations. For example, to prevent gate damage.

    image showing how the direction-based warning system works

    Direction-based warnings

    The warning range dynamically extends based on the driving direction and the speed of the vehicle to include brake distance. Through this feature, we minimize false alarms.

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    Lopos technology is trusted by


    Analog Devices

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    Mikron Tool



    How LoposAlert works

    Our LoposAlert technology combines a wearable for your employees and beacon that attaches to your vehicles. Both use sound and light to alert workers.


    LoposAlert wearables

    Our LoposAlert wearables are small devices that alert employees with vibrations, sound and lights. Multiple accessories are available to wear them as conveniently as possible.

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    LoposAlert Beacon

    LoposAlert Beacon

    The beacon is installed on any type of forklift and features light and sound alarms to notify operators.

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    LoposAlert Dashboard

    LoposAlert Dashboard

    Get actionable insights through the LoposAlert Dashboard to further fine-tune safety measures and reduce incidents.



    • Accurate up to 15 cm
    • Reliable and accurate proximity detection based on UWB technology
    • Vehicle to pedestrian and vehicle to vehicle detection
    • Dynamically extending warning zone based on speed and driving direction
    • Automatically slow down equipment in designated danger zones


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    LoposAlert is here to help you with collision warning and much more.
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